A Well-Earned Reputation...

Although most Minnesotans aren’t stucco experts, they do know a quality stucco job when they see one. Think Stucco is the fourth generation of craftsmen with a long history and the family name of Donnelly.

In 2010, after 30 years of quality stucco work, the owners of Donnelly Brothers Construction, Inc. retired. Larry Baker (crew supervisor for 20 of those years) seized the opportunity to start a new company, Think Stucco, hiring many of the same crew and upholding the same high standards for patch, dash and stucco repair services. Think Stucco maintains the best veteran all-employee stucco crew and offers you the highest quality standards among our competitors. And our unique name helps you find us among the many local Donnelly relatives who also have stucco businesses and websites. Read some of the many testimonials from satisfied customers who have gone out of their way to applaud our work and crew at Think Stucco.

Our mission: to restore and beautify stucco homes. We specialize in stucco patching, re-stucco (applying a new layer of stucco over existing stucco), stucco repair, and new stucco application for both homeowners and contractors. See where we’ve worked near your home and head to the gallery for photos that display our craftsmanship.