Larry Backer and Family

My History

by Larry Baker, Think Stucco owner

Back in the 1920s, my great-grandfather William Donnelly learned his trade. He and two of his sons started Donnelly Stucco knowing how they wanted to run their company. By today’s standards, their  business practices might seem old-fashioned. But for Great Grandpa, there was no question – exceptional quality, unwavering integrity and a fair price framed their business model. It took a unique talent and decades of experience for a craftsman to master the art of stucco application. That’s why he only hired the most expert and experienced artisans in the field. His customers were his neighbors so he wanted his business to reflect the value he placed on these relationships with his steadfast standards.

Great Grandpa took pride in the fact that his sons, grandsons and eventually great-grandsons joined the family business, expanding the company while upholding the standards that the Donnelly name stood for in stucco—superior product, excellent service, outstanding reliability and homeowner satisfaction.

A legacy of craftsmanship

My great grandfather’s stucco legacy lives on in Minneapolis and St. Paul through Think Stucco. As William Donnelly’s great grandson, I’m committed to carrying on the same principles and traditions he initiated nearly a century ago—to be a superior stucco company offering exceptional work and service to the homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul; to produce only the highest quality stucco work with a permanent crew of experienced craftsman; to honor the Donnelly name by respecting its history and reputation built over four generations; and to continue to earn the respect and business of homeowners in our community whom we serve with great pride.

Family, community and integrity

For my wife Andrea, our three sons and me, South Minneapolis is our home. Like my Great Grandpa Donnelly, we’ve put down roots here. This is where I grew up, where we live, where our kids go to school and play sports, where we attend church and where we have backyard barbecues with friends and family. We operate Think Stucco here because we love this area—the people, the classic homes and the beautiful landscape. We don't strive to turn our business into a massive corporation with a fleet of trucks and sub-contracted crews. We want to keep it straightforward, local and green. We want to continue to support other businesses in our area and work with our neighbors to keep our community thriving and beautiful, one house at a time. Staying true to my great grandfather’s values of family, community and integrity is the best way we know to honor his legacy and to pass it on to future generations.

Think Stucco Crew

  • Larry Baker
    Larry Baker, Owner
  • Mark D, Mentor
    Mark D, Mentor
  • Rich, Mentor
    Rich, Mentor
  • AJ, Stucco Technician
  • Sybil, Office Manager
    Sybil, Office Manager
  • Sean, Stucco Technician
    Sean, Stucco Technician
  • Zach, Stucco Technician
    Zach, Stucco Technician
  • Brad, Stucco Technician
    Brad, Stucco Technician